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Olea Featured in EEJournal: Two Kinds of IoT Fog

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Just When You Thought You Understood and Needed It (Interop) - by Bryon Moyer

In this article examines Byron Moyer, the two kinds of the "IoT fog". He mentions Olea Sensor Networks' take on the subject:

"...This distinction came to me based on a discussion with Olea Sensor Networks during the June Sensors Expo. (They came up in my prior discussion on interoperability.) They write custom analytics code for IoT devices. In the classic IoT model, such analytics would be performed in the Cloud – with perhaps some offloading into a local machine. This descent of analytics from on high might resemble the San Francisco marine-layer type of fog, where it mostly seems like clouds until it descends. But Olea noted that they mostly don’t see analytics happening in the Cloud – at least not so far. The analytics they write execute on the edge node devices themselves – and perhaps in other local servers and gateways. But definitely on the local side of things, not the Cloud. So here the fog is rising from the ground up. ..."

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