IoT Sensor Applications

& Cloud-Based Technologies


 Real-time detection of vital signs using micro-Doppler radar technology. 

IoT Connected Car Sensor Analytics

OleaSense for automotive safety & autonomous vehicle applications.

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IoT Connected Care Sensor Analytics

Remote health monitoring application, featuring real-time detection of vital signs.

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IoT Industrial Safety Sensor Analytics

Advanced safety & collision avoidance systems with up to a 10-meter detection range.

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IoT Sensor Applications

Olea Sensors provide endless IoT applications.

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OleaSense OS-3010 Development Platform

Now compatible with Raspberry Pi and all Linux and Android-based systems.
Our development kits are available for product development and advanced research.

On-Board Intelligent Sensor Analytics

Vital Sign & Motion Activity Sensors

Dimensions: 84mm x 35mm x 8mm

Weight: ~1.0 US oz (29grams)

Colorful customizable exterior

Wireless & Contactless Wearable Sensor

IoT Smart Sensor Hub

OleaVision Development Platform
For Life Presence Detection

Our development kits are available for product development and advanced research
  • Life presence detection

  • Up to 10 meter range

  • Wireless and Non-contact

  • On-Board Intelligent Sensor Analytics

  • IoT Smart Sensor hub 

  • Additional locational & motion sensing capability

OleaVision IoT Sensor

Olea develops intelligent sensors and sensor analytic software that promise to revolutionize advanced “Internet of Things” (IoT) service solutions for a wide variety of applications.

All OLEA Development Platforms are offered for non-clinical R&D use only.

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