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OleaVision™️ Development Platform Solution

The OleaVision™ Life Presence Detection development platform features a design consisting of a FMCW 24GHz radar sensor that is compatible for indoor and outdoor applications. This powerful low-cost development platform hosts Olea’s latest machine learning algorithms that enable the sensor to discriminate between animate and inanimate objects within milliseconds at up to 10-meter range in a variety of environments.


The OleaVision™ Intelligent Development Platform can be modified, optimized and integrated seamlessly into any industrial equipment safety systems and is available for product development and advanced research, featuring a Life Presence Detection system available for purchase for non-clinical R&D use.

Key Features include:

  • 10 meter detection zone

  • The ability to discriminate between animate and inanimate objects

  • The ability to detect stationary AND moving beings

  • The ability to detect occupancy within a zone

  • A device that is non-contact, transparent and ubiquitous

  • Licensed Software (delivered with OleaVision™ Sensor): On–board Olea customized firmware/software for data acquisition & on–board display, Off–board Olea customized virtual instrumentation GUI software for data display

If you would like more information about the OleaVision™ Intelligent Development Platform, or would like to license this technology, please Contact Us. Ask us about our capabilities to deliver product features and custom software to meet your requirements.

OleaVision Human Presence Detector
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