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OleaSense™ OS-3010 Development Platform
Wireless Non-Contact Detection of Heartbeat, Respiration and Heart Rate Variability


On-Board Intelligent

Sensor Analytics

Vital Sign and Motion

Activity Sensors


IoT Smart Sensor Hub

Wireless and Contactless

Wearable Sensor

Dimensions: 84mm x 35mm x 8mm

Weight: ~1.0 US oz. (29 grams)

Compatible with Raspberry Pi and all Linux and Android-based systems.
Our development kits are only available as part of an OLEA technology licensing program.
OleaSense Raspberry Pi

Non-Contact Vital Signs Sensing

The OS-3010 is an Intelligent Multi-Sensor Development Platform for vital signs sensing available for product development and advanced research. It features an advanced data acquisition system with multi-sensor development platform capabilities offering a sophisticated suite of software and hardware building blocks including Olea’s 24 GHz Micro-Doppler radar sensor, now compatible with Raspberry Pi and other Linux and Android systems.

Heart rate, Respiration Rate, Heart Rate Variability and more in one device

Sophisticated software, firmware and software algorithms produce heart rate, respiration rate and HRV readings while under hood you will also find Motion Sensors, a Tri-Axis Magnetometer (compass), Accelerometer and Gyroscope. Please see our Data Sheet for more details on power, compatibility and performance.


Medical Grade Accuracy

In two clinical trials of over 300 individuals, OleaSense™️ was found to be as accurate as and immensely less intrusive than traditional ECG’s. No wires, no leads and results within seconds that were accurate to 99% when compared to medical ECG devices. And only OleaSense™️ can deliver HeartSignature™️, a biometric signature unique to every individual based upon their cardiac signal.

Endless Applications

The future of devices is Multi-Sensor Data Fusion. OleaSense™️ offers endless applications thanks to its multi-sensor hardware and software architecture. Connected Car and Connected Care are only some of the possibilities. We have a couple of ideas here. If you can dream it, we can help you make it happen.


If you would like more information about the OleaSense™ Technology for licensing, please READ MORE HERE or Contact Us. Ask us about our capabilities to deliver product features and custom software to meet your requirements.

Olea HeartSignature™ for Authentication

Heart Signature

Continuously Identifies Individuals


Olea HeartSignature™️ is like no other authentication technology in its ability to continuously identify an individual in real time using contact-less, wireless detection of vital signs to create a unique digital "signature" for limitless security applications; a revolutionary authentication technology with precision comparable to existing biometric authentication systems.


Other biometric systems in use today are not capable of continuous authentication. While they may identify and differentiate between individuals, this represents only a "snap-shot" of a person's identity at the moment of access. Olea’s HeartSignature™ enables continuous authentication, an additional, enhanced layer of security, by eliminating interruptions and “time-outs” and the need for pass codes. HeartSignture is of particular interest to high-security, consumer, government and commercial markets including banking, security systems, insurance, automotive and consumer products, such as personal computers and cell phones.


Every person's heart has the ability to produce an absolutely unique pattern like a signature

Olea’s HeartSignature™ will revolutionize the way the world views and deploys security systems. Every person's heart has the ability to produce an absolutely unique pattern, which, when read and processed by Olea's proprietary OS-3010 platform sensors and sensor algorithms, results in a pattern much like a signature which can identify an individual and do so without interruption for as long as required in order to maintain a secure session.


The Olea’s HeartSignature™ builds on the capabilities of our highly advanced intelligent IoT sensor platform and IoT partitioning architecture, which is based on our proprietary embedded advanced algorithms and sensor analytic technologies.

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