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Tech Company News Interview of Frank Morese, CEO

Olea Sensor Networks role in the future of IoT. An article by techcompanynews.com


"...Q: How exactly does OleaVision™ technology differentiate between live animate beings and inanimate objects?
A: OleaVision™ technology is unique in life presence detection as it does not rely in any way on motion to detect a person or animal, nor is it simply searching for a heat signature which can trigger as many false positives as a motion sensor. OleaVision responds to the presence of vital signs in the scanned area which is why it is so useful for in-cabin detection of kids and pets left behind in cars and in the industrial environment on forklifts and other equipment. If the individual is motionless or even sleeping, OleaVision™ will detect them and notification can be made via audible alarm or mobile device...


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Olea develops intelligent sensors and sensor analytic software that promise to revolutionize advanced “Internet of Things” (IoT) service solutions for a wide variety of applications.

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