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Showcasing Our Latest Versions of Vital Sign & Life Presence Detection Technologies

Olea is offering private demos during Sensors Expo 2018 June 26-28


Reno, NV, May 29, 2018 – Olea will showcase the latest versions of our vital sign and life presence detection technologies during the 2018 Sensors Expo and Conference in San Jose at the San Jose Convention Center next month.

Olea will offer demos of their OSN Quadcorder™️ technology for remote health monitoring applications which received media attention by CNET at CES 2018. Powered by the latest version of Oleasense™️ software and software analytics, it offers unmatched vital sign collection and biometric authentication capabilities. In addition, Olea will demonstrate their next gen version of OleaVision™️ technology for Life Presence Detection which addresses a variety of invehicle, industrial and security applications.

At Olea, we have been able to achieve remarkable fidelity in our wireless vital sign and human presence detection signals and we are very excited about the increased capabilities of the new generation of Olea core technologies”, explained CEO/CTO and Founder, Frank Morese. “The range of applications and industries we serve continues to expand. There has never been a more exciting time for Olea and we look forward to exploring new and interesting possibilities in the world of IoT.”

As in previous years, Olea Sensor Networks will be offering private demos and meetings, by appointment, on June 26th, 27th and 28th, in a suite at the Hilton hotel which is immediately adjacent to the Convention Center. You may also visit with them on the expo hall floor at Booth #535 belonging to Sensaggio Technologies, Olea’s representative internationally.

Olea currently offers our technologies and development platforms for non-clinical research and development use, including field trials and testing.


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