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Olea Introduces IoT IP Licensing Models

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

DOWNLOAD ARTICLE January 21, 2020 – Olea Sensor Networks, a leader in intelligent sensors and analytic software for sensor network-based systems, is embarking on a new business initiative that will allow more customers to be able to access their novel technologies for both exclusive and non-exclusive licensing.

Beginning with it’s inception in 2005, Olea Sensor Networks has worked to develop an impressive portfolio of IoT intellectual property which includes a complete suite of integrated solutions for the defense, industrial safety, connected car, connected care and autonomous vehicles markets, including Olea technologies for drones, robotics, and transportation.

Olea has had a history of worldwide licensing of their intellectual property to companies who are interested the design, manufacture, and sale of IoT products. More companies will now be able to take advantage of Olea technologies, specifically for vertically integrated solutions in such a way that allows them to mitigate development cost, increase manufacturing efficiency and accelerate time to market.

Olea’s core technologies include intelligent multi-sensor development platforms for vital signs sensing and human presence detection in various forms and for countless applications. These technologies are the result of over a decade of research and development, some of which have been utilized and licensed in select verticals, to date, but the remaining licensing opportunities are as numerous and varied as the applications.

“Olea’s intellectual property portfolio creates a mutual business advantage with our partners,” explained Frank Morese CEO/CTO of Olea, “helping us to continue to compete globally and allowing our partners to accelerate their innovations. From start-up to large corporations, companies can benefit from development times being reduced from a typical 36 months to only about 6 months, thanks to our manufacturing-ready approach to design.”

These revenue opportunities including Olea intellectual property, offer the option to work directly with members of Olea's team of researchers, engineers, developers and technologists as an extension of their own teams. Helping customers overcome their technology challenges is one

of the many ways Olea continues to generate innovation that matters to customers and the world.

Olea is offering its IP under a wide variety of licensing models. For each innovation, a customer is able to select the type of licensing that fits their current business plan. A dedicated page which goes into greater detail can be found on the Olea website at

About Olea

Olea Sensor Networks, incorporated in 2011, develops intelligent sensors and analytic software for advanced “Internet of Things” (IoT) service solutions including a wide variety of applications. Olea specializes in developing non-intrusive sensing technologies and wireless sensor networks including OleaSenseTM, vital sign biometrics technology for advanced safety systems and autonomous driving sensing applications and OleaVisionTM, for Life Presence Detection. Olea is committed to technology leadership and to expanding possibilities for human life in ways not yet imagined and is a recognized leader in innovation and our IoT Technologies and IoT Sensor Analytics help connect and protect people around the world. Olea is located in Reno, Nevada. For more information go to Follow us on Twitter @OleaSys.

Olea, Olea Sensor Networks, Olea HeartSensor, Olea HeartSignature, OleaSense, OleaVision, OleaVision360, BalancedSense, RespiroTrack, IoT Intelligent Partitioning Architecture, OSN Quadcorder, DrowseAlert, and OleaWave are trademarks of Olea Systems, Incorporated. Other trademarks (registered or otherwise), names and brands may be claimed as property of Olea Systems, Incorporated or by others.

Contact: Andrea Morese

(775) 636-7680

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