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Olea Featured in TodaysMotorVehicles.com: Biometrics for driver safety systems

Nevada’s Olea Sensor Networks has developed seatbelt-mountable heart-rate monitors that could power future advanced safety systems. - An article by Robert Schoenberger


"...Monitoring physiological arousal information of a human being, it’s a very complex set of measurements that tend to depend on heart rate variability. You can look at heart rate and respiration rate as well,” says Morese. “We have been doing a lot of research and collaborating with the auto industry to understand stress. One of the biggest applications is in autonomous vehicles. They want to make sure that people are alert and understand the human-machine interface.”
"...Olea’s OS-3005 system is being offered as an aftermarket product, but Morese says several manufacturers are considering the technology to power future advanced safety and autonomous driving systems. The sensor uses micro-Doppler radar to measure drivers’ heart beats and respiration. Sophisticated software evaluates heart rate and respiration patterns to monitor a driver’s condition across time...."


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