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Olea Featured in EEJournal: Interop Gets Complicated

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Just When You Thought You Understood and Needed It (Interop) - by Bryon Moyer

In this article related examines Byron Moyer, the "...challenge for IoT implement an environment where any device can talk to any other device. Which is a woefully inadequate way of simplifying the notion of interop."

He mentions Olea Sensor Networks' take on the subject:

"...I also had a discussion with Olea Sensors – they implement local (i.e., not cloud-based) analytics, and it’s very much of a custom business. It’s not a plug-and-play thing by any stretch. For a lot of the companies they work with, full, complete interop is simply not important. Companies are solving vertical problems, and as long as everything works within that vertical domain, it just doesn’t matter whether, in theory, the connected farm tractor can talk to a baby monitor or a drilling head miles into the earth. They don’t outright say that interop isn’t important or that it might never happen, but they do put an interesting perspective on it. They note that interop isn’t needed to get things done: interop helps to get things done more efficiently. Right now, the focus isn’t on efficiency; it’s on getting things done..."

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