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Olea Announces BalancedSense™️ IoT Technology for Fall Alert

BalancedSense™️ is a wearable with the ability to wirelessly predict and detect a fall, then call for help automatically.


Reno, NV, November 29, 2016 –

Olea announced BalancedSense™️ with

OleaSense™️ Development Platform with software analytics for contact-less, remote health, and safety or athletic performance monitoring applications.

This platform includes a wireless, contactless device, able to collect and process data in order to predict deviations in core balance and is able to send a call for assistance in the event of a fall. In the latter case, no action is required by the fall victim, making this device effective even in the event of loss of consciousness. The BalancedSenseTM system extracts statistics using Olea’s intelligent sensor analytics, transmitting them via Bluetooth to the cloud. No external wires and no contact with the body is required. Weighing less than an ounce and smaller than a business card, it may be comfortably worn around the neck or slipped in a shirt pocket.

“Research provided by the World Health Organization indicates that as many as 35% of people over the age of 65 and 42% of people 70 and over fall each year. Many of these injuries result in costly hospitalizations or injuries endangering the health and longevity of an elderly individual” explained Frank Morese, Olea CEO/CTO and Founder. “In general, call alert systems require the victim to be able to push a button which is not always possible when disoriented or unconscious. In addition to this valuable contribution to IoT healthcare, we also see that the BalancedSenseTM system is adaptable to assist in athletic performance training in many sports such as golfing or gymnastics.”

Olea Sensor Networks is taking appointments to demonstrate this new technology during the CES 2017 show, Las Vegas January 4-7, 2017. Contact in advance to secure a time slot.


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