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Olea Announces: Next Gen OleaVision™️ IoT Technology

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

To be demonstrated at CES 2019 Las Vegas


Next Gen OleaVision™️ IoT Technology

Reno, NV, December 11, 2018:

Olea announced our next gen OleaVisionTM development platform for IoT safety applications requiring Life Presence Detection. As in past years, they will be demonstrating this and their other latest technologies at CES in Las Vegas which runs in 2019 from January 8-11.

The new gen OleaVisionTM Life Presence Detection development platform features a design consisting of a FMCW 24GHz radar sensor that is compatible for indoor and outdoor applications. This powerful low-cost development platform hosts Olea’s latest machine learning algorithms that enable the sensor to discriminate between animate and inanimate objects within milliseconds at up to 10-meter range in a variety of environments. The OleaVisionTM development platform can be modified, optimized and integrated seamlessly into any industrial equipment safety systems.

The OS-8005 has an integrated assembly to provide optimal performance in a compact size. The sensor can be installed on an adjustable mechanical fixture that has a magnetic holder which can be quickly mounted on any equipment without requiring any mechanical modification or assembly in order to position it on the exterior of the equipment for optimal field of view. The OS-8005 prototype sensor can be ruggedized to handle vibration caused by motion in vehicle. The OS-8005 has the ability to communicate data wirelessly via Bluetooth to tablet, mobile phone or PC. Finally, to the OS-8005 is also able to communicate to a Windows PC, Android or IOS platform for further analytics and data processing.

“A key aspect of this technology is its ability to detect patterns using advanced algorithms that extract the key attributes or features of the signals to produce the relevant statistical data for accurate detection of life forms generated from people and animals,” explained Frank Morese, CEO/CTO of Olea Systems. “We are very excited to be able to release this new version of OleaVisionTM in time for this years’ CES show in Las Vegas in January. I would encourage anyone interested in exploring the possibilities to contact us for an appointment for a private demo meeting.”


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