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Frank Morese - CEO/CTO

Frank founded Olea Sensor Networks in 2005 to focus on the delivery of advanced multi-sensor IoT network solutions & services for multiple industry sectors through the development of proprietary, patent-pending technologies. In his role at Olea, Frank Morese has been a pioneer in the Internet of Intelligent Things by leading Olea in the development of advanced wireless sensor network solutions for the Connected Care, Connected Car and Industrial Safety IoT sectors and specializing in adding intelligence to sensor network using unique approaches to multi-sensor data analytics and information fusion technologies.

Frank has held executive leadership positions in key hardware and software systems technology companies including Hughes, Trillium Digital Systems/Intel Corporation, RF Micro Devices, Synopsis, Cadence and Plantronics. A serial entrepreneur, Frank founded and participated in numerous start-ups, IPO's and successful exits, notably the acquisition of Trillium Digital Systems by Intel for $300 Million. At Trillium/Intel he focused on emerging communication applications for next generation WAN networks i.e. Wireless cellular, Broadband and VoIP for the enterprise marketplace as well as infrastructure for service providers.


Frank holds a BSEE from Northeastern University, with post-graduate work at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and The Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania.

Andrea Morese  Managing Director
Scott McKenzie
Engineering Manager
Sanket Lokhande Design Engineer

In Memoriam

Kenzie Morese


Chief Canine Officer and Co-Founder

Kenzie was an extraordinary and active member of the staff, with a background in homeland security and sensory integration. She is remembered for having helped bring this former start-up through many phases of its early development, always at the ready to lend support. Her impressive background included a notable pedigree, a reputation for civility, calm, problem-solving and more common sense than most people, as well as multiple Certificates in Obedience Training.

Kenzie entered the Corporate world after rejecting several offers to become both a Commercial Model and a Therapy Dog. Her contribution was immeasurable and, although no longer of this world, her insightful influence lives on in the spirit of innovation and "dogged" determination at Olea Sensor Networks.

Olea develops intelligent sensors and sensor analytic software that promise to revolutionize advanced “Internet of Things” (IoT) service solutions for a wide variety of applications.

All OLEA Development Platforms are only available as part of an OLEA licensing program.

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