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Our Causes

Saving Lives, Saving Our Planet



Olea Sensor Networks was started in order to develop sensors and sensor technologies that would enhance and save lives.  We began developing our core technology in 2005 in response to the perils faced by first-responders and victims of the tragic "September 11th" event which took so many lives.  We wanted to develop human vital sign detectors that would be wireless, not require direct contact and would be able to identify vital signs in less than optimal conditions.  Thus was born our flagship technology platform, the OS-3001. A decade later, we continue to work towards making it better and more capable of making lives more secure, safe and efficient for a better life and a better planet.





 (KAC) is a nonprofit child safety organization dedicated to preventing injuries and death to children in or around motor vehicles. KAC has been pioneering a prevention movement since 1996 by promoting the highest level of awareness among parents, caregivers, legislators and the public at-large about the dangers inherent to children when in or around motor vehicles. KAC works to prevent these sudden and tragic events through data collection, education and public awareness, policy change, product redesign and survivor advocacy.














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Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund - Active participants in preserving the wild horses in Reno, NV.

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