OS-3010 OleaSense Intelligent Multi-Sensor Data Sheet

Wearable, Wireless, Intelligent Multi-Sensor Data-Acquisition Platform

Available for technology licensing.

Compatible with Raspberry Pi as well as all Linux and Android based systems.

On-Board Intelligent Sensors

  • Olea Vital-Sign Sensor™

∙ 24GHz (K-Band) CW Doppler Radar Sensor

  • Activity-Monitoring Sensors

∙ 2Tri-Axis Magnetometer (compass)

▻ ±50 Gauss range

∙ Tri-Axis Accelerometer

▻ 2g sensitivity

∙ Tri-Axis Gyroscope



  • Wired: micro-USB

  • Wireless: Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) 4.2 

Physical Attributes

  • Dimensions: 84mm (W) x 35mm (L) x 8.7mm (D)

  • Weight: Approx. 1.0 oz. US (29 grams)

  • Operating temperature range: -40º to 85º C

  • Colors: Red plastic, with black front panel



  • Units are fully RoHS compliant

  • Radar subsystem complies with ETSI 300 440 and FCC 15.245 (US version)

∙ Radar frequencies: 

▻ 24.05 – 24.25 GHz (ISM/EU)

▻ 24.075 – 24.175 GHz (US/JP)

▻ 24.15 – 24.25 GHz (UK)


Software and Data Acquisition, Storage & Analysis

  • Licensed Software (delivered with OS-3010)

∙On-board Olea customized firmware/software for data acquisition

∙Off-board Olea customized LabView-based virtual instrumentation GUI software for data display

  • GUI Software Compatibility: Windows 7, 8, & 10 (Android & iOS apps planned)

  • Compatible to hosting on Raspberry Pi and all Linux and Android Systems

  • Recording Time: Continuous– limited only by local memory of connected PC

  • Olea analytic software designed specifically for “connected car” and “connected care” applications (planned optional add-on licensed software)

  • Ask us about our capabilities to deliver device features & custom software to meet your requirements


Processing & Data-Acquisition

  • On-board 16-bit data acquisition system

  • Processor: Cortex-M4 32-bit ARM

  • Settings: set remotely through included software

  • Multi-color LED indicators



  • Rechargeable 150mAh Li-ion battery (up to 8 hours, depending on use conditions

  • Wall or in-vehicle adapter (one installed battery & wall adapter included)

  • Consumes only 200mW (40mA at 5V)

Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice and to verification at time of purchase.

Olea develops intelligent sensors and sensor analytic software that promise to revolutionize advanced “Internet of Things” (IoT) service solutions for a wide variety of applications.

All OLEA Development Platforms are only available as part of an OLEA licensing program.

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