OS-3010 Development Platform Solution



The OS-3010 Intelligent Multi-Sensor Development Platforms for product development and advanced research, feature advanced data acquisition systems with multi-sensor development platform capabilities  featuring a new design made compatible with Raspberry Pi as well as all Linux and Android based systems.


This latest option offers a powerful low-cost development platform, hosting Olea's machine leaning algorithms, which can run up to four OS-3010 sensors simultaneously and enables Olea to serve more developers interested in designing new IoT solutions based upon OleaSense technology.  

The sophisticated suite of software and hardware building blocks include:


  • On-Board Intelligent Sensors

  • Olea HeartSensor™ 24Ghz Micro-Doppler Radar Sensor (OS-3010)

  • Motion Sensors: Tri-Axis Magnetometer (compass), Tri-Axis Accelerometer and Tri-Axis Gyroscope

  • Processing, Programming & Memory: On-board, high-performance 16 bit data acquisition system, Processor—Cortex-M4 32 bit ARM (for loading embedded firmware, algorithms & signal processing software), Settings—set remotely and included in software

  • Connectivity: Wired (micro USB 3.0). Bluetooth Low-energy (BLE) 4.2

  • Licensed Software for R&D use (delivered with sensor):
    On-board Olea customized firmware/software for data acquisition, Off-board Olea customized dashboard-based virtual instrumentation GUI software for data display, GUI Software Compatibility—Windows 10, Android and Linux

  • Olea analytic software designed specifically for IoT applications


OleaSense OS-3010
OleaSense™ SW displaying the detection human vital signs​

OleaSense™ SW displaying the detection of human vital signs

If you would like more information about the OleaSense™ Intelligent Development Platform, or would like to license an OLEA technology, please Contact Us. Ask us about our capabilities to deliver product features and custom software to meet your requirements.