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Remote Vibration and Temperature Sensor Development Platform

Wireless sensor for vibration monitoring, OleaWave

Wireless Remote Vibration and Industrial Temperature Sensor

OleaWave™ is an Intelligent Multi-Sensor Development Platform for continuous monitoring of temperature and vibration which can be placed in dangerous or hard-to-reach places. Software settings can be changed or set remotely using included software and recording time is only dependent on the local memory of the processing device. Olea analytic software is also available.

Sophisticated software, firmware and software algorithms produce vibration and temperature readings using a 24 GHz Micro-Doppler Radar Sensor and motion sensors in a frequency range of 10-1,000 Hz. An on-board, high-performance 16 bit data acquisition system is available with Raspberry Pi and a Cortex-M4 32 bit ARM processor for loading embedded firmware, algorithms & signal processing software.

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OleaWave™ Endless Applications


The OleaWave™ Intelligent Vibration Sensor Platform is suitable IoT and IIoT industrial and commercial applications and may be adapted for motors, pumps, chillers, compressors, fans and turbines.

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Industrial Temperature Sensors
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