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OleaVision™️ and OleaVision360™️

Human Presence Sensor Development Platforms

Safety and Occupancy Monitoring

without Cameras or Motion Detectors

OleaVision Human Presence Detector
Olea360 render 2 Transparent.png
OleaVision Gen3 Master.png
  • Life presence detection

  • Up to 10 meter range

  • Wireless and non-contact

  • On-board Intelligent Sensor Analytics

  • IoT Smart Sensor Hub

  • Additional locational & motion-sensing capability

Wireless, Non-Contact Life Presence Sensors


Smaller than a smoke-detector, OleaVision™️ and patent-pending OleaVision360™️ technologies have a detection zone of up to a 10 meters. Operation and accuracy is unaffected by total darkness, inclement weather and even some barriers.

Continuous monitoring of animate and inanimate objects

OleaVision™️ technologies are capable of continuous life presence detection and in the case of  OleaVision360™️, a 360 degree view. Both are able to discriminate between inanimate objects and live beings, both human and animal, whether moving or stationary. As with all Olea technologies, OleaVision™️ systems are ahead of the pack thanks to our proprietary software algorithms in combination with our advanced designs of hardware and firmware.

Can be programmed with customized alerts and integrated into existing systems

OleaVision™️ and OleaVision360™️ systems can be customized to communicate with a variety of devices for the purposes of alerts and retrieval of information with no concerns for compromising of personal data. Although there are no on-board cameras or motion sensors required to function, OleaVision™️ and OleaVision360™️ systems can, however, be combined with other detection systems (video cameras, audio monitoring, etc.) where this is permissible and necessary.


If you would like more information about the OleaVision™ Technology for licensing, please READ MORE ABOUT OLEAVISION HERE, DOWNLOAD THE OLEAVISION360 DATA SHEET HERE or Contact Us. Ask us about our capabilities to deliver product features and custom software to meet your requirements.


OleaVision for Safety and Security Applications

OleaVision Apps

OleaVision™️ and OleaVision360™️ (patent pending)   for Safety and Security Applications

This OleaVision™️ technologies are now available for non-clinical R&D use and has application in a variety of industries.

Personal Safety

In-Cabin Life Scanner - Heatstroke is the leading cause of non‐crash, vehicle‐related deaths for children under the age of 14. Hot Car deaths have totaled 48 to date in 2018 and as many as 700 since 1998. Dozens of pets and even K-9 officers have also died because of being left behind or forgotten in a hot car. OleaVision TM was initially designed with this in mind and, if installed in every vehicle, has the potential to save countless lives. Read more here.


Industrial Safety

Collision Avoidance Sensor for Forklift Safety – According to OSHA, forklift accidents alone are the cause of nearly 35,000 serious injuries a year, 85 of which are fatal. OleaVision™ continuously scans the area, including blind spots, differentiates between animate and inanimate objects and alerts the operator of life forms that may be in imminent danger, giving the operator time to react. Read more here.

Industrial and Agricultural Safety Zone Monitor – Although developed for a major industrial truck manufacturer who needed a solution for high foot traffic areas with limited visibility, OleaVision TM can be adapted to any industrial, agricultural or manufacturing environment, indoors or outdoors, as weather and light have no adverse effect on function. It is equally effective installed on stationary industrial equipment where safe zones are needed. Read more here.

Private and Public Surveillance – Smart cities, buildings and homes are here to stay and advances in world population, automation and mobility have created the need for a greater amount of information about how and when people move through their environment. Technology has also increased our expectation of what information should be immediately available to us in order to manage our lives on a daily basis. Privacy concerns must be addressed when monitoring our environments for safety, security and convenience. OleaVision™️ scans the environment for life presences without the use of cameras so you never have to be concerned about the collection of personal data. At the same time, should your requirement allow for multiple means of identification, OleaVision™️ is easily integrated into traditional systems that may include, for example, video or audio monitoring. Read more here.

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