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Sensor Technologies for the Internet of Intelligent Things

Olea’s Intelligent IoT Sensors and Sensor Analytics


Advances in world population, automation and mobility have created the need for a greater amount of information about how and when people move through their environment. People have also grown to have an increased expectation of what information should be immediately available in order to manage their lives on a daily basis.


Data is everywhere. Anyone can collect data. But intelligent, usable data is the only data worth paying for and, at Olea, we design our technologies to deliver intelligent information. Sure, our sensors are unique but the real genius is in our algorithms. Really, really smart algorithms for an increasingly smart IoT environment.


We develop cloud-based sensor analytics and multi-sensor development platforms

Olea continually develops new cloud-based sensor analytics solutions for our customers while enhancing
and improving our existing technologies for mobile and cloud-based service solutions within the IoT communications infrastructure.


Commercial applications for Olea IoT sensors technologies include smart buildings, connected car, connected care, industrial safety, industrial truck, health and fitness, surveillance and military triage.


These applications stretch across multiple industries including consumer automotive, transportation, industrial equipment, smart home, retail marketing and security and OleaVision™ makes it possible to improve upon existing technologies for collision avoidance, intrusion detection, fire safety, search and rescue, surveillance, customer analytics (people counting) and energy management.


Click through to learn more about our IoT Solutions: Connected Care, Connected Car and Industrial Safety, and more.

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