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Industrial Truck Collision Avoidance Sensor

OleaVision™ for Collision Avoidance

Collision Avoidance for Industrial Trucks


Industrial trucks safety concerns span several industries including agriculture, fishing and forestry, construction and mining.

While warehouse accidents make up the majority of incidents posing a danger to humans, forklift accidents account for the majority of warehouse accidents overall.

Although they can usually only travel up to about 15mph, forklifts are very difficult to stop and maneuver due to having only a front braking system and a back-heavy construction to counterbalance front loads, also making them very unstable. Compounded by the blind spots encountered in a close warehouse or precarious dock-environment, the total number of accidents, annually, involving forklifts alone number about 100,000.

The OleaVision™ development platform was designed to enable manufacturers to provide collision avoidance systems for powered industrial trucks (PITs), allowing them to integrate Olea’s cost-effective human presence detection technology into their equipment. OleaVision™ is able to potentially prevent countless accidents by warning operators when people are in their blind spot or within a danger zone.


Olea’s system has the capability to predict a collision based on the trajectories of the forklift and obstacle, so that the operator will be warned only when there is an actual risk of collision. The operator is alerted to maintain a safe distance from pedestrian workers and bystanders.

The OleaVision™ sensor is capable of operating at all hours of the day and night, in any weather condition, including rain, fog, and snow, and is able to withstand the harsh conditions found at construction and mining sites.

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