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IoT Development Platforms

Olea Sensor Development Platforms for IoT

Olea offers Development Platforms for IoT product development and advanced research, featuring advanced data acquisition systems with multi-sensor development platform capabilities. This sophisticated suite of software and hardware building blocks provide fast time-to-market with simpler, more time efficient and more cost-effective method for designing, developing and deploying IoT devices and applications.


The OleaSense™ and OleaVision™ advanced software development platforms process real-time data using advanced signal processing and peak detection algorithms, extracting vital sign statistics such as cardiac, respiration and heart-rate variability or alternatively the presence or absence of life.


These IoT platforms offer a suite of components that enable:

  • Remote data collection from connected devices

  • Independent and secure connectivity between devices 

  • Device/sensor analytics

  • Integration with 3rd party systems


Olea platforms exist independently between the hardware and the application layers of the IoT technology stack. These IoT platforms can also be integrated with any Cloud-based IoT applications and, in this way, enable implementation of IoT features and functions into any device. 


Click through to learn more about our development platforms:

OS-3010 Development Platform, and OleaVision™️ Development Platform. 


Please Contact Us to discuss licensing of OLEA technologies.

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