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OleaVision™ for Detecting Life Presence as a Rear Seat Reminder System

OleaVision™ for Detecting Life Presence

​Hot car deaths due to heatstroke are the leading cause of non‐crash, vehicle‐related deaths for children under the age of 14.


OleaVision™, installed in every vehicle has the potential to save countless lives as a child reminder.

The device has a 5-meter range and the ability to detect the vital signs of even a motionless or sleeping child or pet and alert a caretaker by sending an urgent message via their smartphone. OleaVision™ can be installed in any vehicle of any year, anywhere within the vehicle cabin. 


This technology is available for Licensing.

Monitoring Vital Signs in the Vehicle 

In development since 2005, Olea Sensor Networks has successfully created a system for monitoring vital signs in the vehicle for the purposes of safety, infotainment and occupant preferences.

The system accomplishes this by real-time detection of each individual’s vital signs, processing this data with its intelligent sensor analytics and transmitting it via Bluetooth to the cloud.


Embedded in the seat or seatbelt OleaSense™️ technology has been licensed by a major manufacturer in the Automotive Industry and will be available in most vehicles in near future.

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