Olea Sensor Networks is a unique group of highly skilled and experienced engineers with combined decades of experience. This outstanding technical team has demonstrated the ability to develop intelligent building blocks for IoT products in as little as three months! Areas of excellence and expertise include IoT embedded systems, sensor analytics, application software, RF & Microwave sensors, mechanical and industrial engineering.

In innovative product development for IoT-based sensor networks, Olea has always led the way and is a partner of choice to many of the world’s leading blue chip companies. As a technology-enabled engineering firm focused on Internet of Things solutions, we develop marketable technologies and products, enabling our customers to get their final products to market in a fraction of the time. Thanks to our professional expertise, we build machine learning, sensor data and the power of the cloud into our IoT technologies in order to provide disruptive and sustainable business value. We specialize in IoT sensor analytics, wireless sensor networks, multi-sensor data fusion and information fusion technologies, targeting multiple industry segments.


The team's outstanding contributions have supported Olea’s success in developing intelligent sensors and analytic software that continue to revolutionize advanced IoT service solutions for a wide variety of applications including Connected Care , Connected Car , and Industrial Safety.


Contact us at sales@oleasys.com to discuss liocensing OLEA technologies.

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Olea develops intelligent sensors and sensor analytic software that promise to revolutionize advanced “Internet of Things” (IoT) service solutions for a wide variety of applications.

All OLEA Development Platforms are only available as part of an OLEA licensing program.

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